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$100/month All Access membership including your pole
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  • Rent to Own Pole: Rent your very own pole for a small monthly payment. After 8 payments, the pole is yours to keep!
  • Includes Full Access to Pole Body Fusion: Get a pole plus all of the classes, tutorials, and training you could need to enjoy this amazing workout! 
  • Pole Moves Library: Gain access to our growing library of tutorials breaking down individual pole moves, inversions, floor work and more
  • New Classes Added Weekly: Take full Pole and Chair classes with a warm up, core content and cool down with certified instructors
  • Full Routines: Access multi-class courses and learn a complete Pole or Chair routine you can perform anywhere 
  • Strength & Flexibility Training: Extra tips and tricks to strengthen your practice on and off the pole for... more pole!
  • Online Community: Connect with the rest of the Pole Body Fusion Community in our private Facebook Group for motivation, inspiration and real feedback
  • Monthly 28 Day Focus: Join this month's 28 Day Focus and take on a goal with your friends!Each month a guest instructor will lead us through a 28 Day program focusing on a specific skill
--I'm having a lot of fun finding things and trying them out, comparing my video of me to what's on PBF, figuring out what needs to flex, twist, release to make the moves happen. It's a whole different adventure figuring it out on my own terms!

-Jessica M.
PBF May Student of the Month
Fort Collins, CO
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